Jom Thai catering

The popose of our Thai catering is to give you a hot food served direct to your table with a Thai fusion decoration style. For the preparation process we need about 6 hours or more, subject to the amont of the dishes, before your event start time.
Jom Thai catering price:

thai catering

2 persons                   CHF99.-/Person
3 persons                     CHF79.-/Person
4 persons                    CHF69.-/Person
5-7 persons                 CHF59.-/Person
8 persons or more            CHF49.-/Person
1 Appetizer + 1 Main course + 1 Special Thai dessert. Additional dish will cost.
+1 Appetizer                          CHF15.-/Person
+1 Main course                     CHF19.-/Person
+1 Special Thai dessert       CHF15.-/Person

Jom Thai Catering

You will enjoy a high quality Thai catering which serve to your dinner table or wherever you prefer. Experience the Thai cooking scenario. Smell the herbs together with fresh ingredients at every single step of the process. Spoil yourself and save valuable time for other pursuits.
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