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Thai snack serve direct to your company, party. (money bags)

The are that you can taste

Ancient Thai Food

Most Thai people have never tasted but we offer it to you.

Pad thai

The popular dish that you have to try with Jom

Thai taste

Massaman Curry Chicken

Chef recommended

Another taste that you should not miss.

Special offer

Choppes pork with herbs wrapped in cabbage


Did you know that Thai people don’t use chopsticks?

Thai culinary tradition relies on the good old spoon and fork, just like the west. Spoon and fork use is generally attributed to Thailand’s King Rama V, as a result of European influence.

The Thais rely extremely heavily on the spoon and minimize the fork when they eat, unlike Americans. The fork is really just used to load things onto the spoon, rarely do Thai people put the fork in their mouths. Conspicuously absent from the set are knives, most Thai food is already bite sized in the cooking, and its unusual to have to cut anything into pieces, so they omit the knife in most cases.

The only time that Thais eat using chopsticks is when eating noodle soup, or Chinese food.

So the next time you’re in a Thai Restaurant, don’t worry about asking for chopsticks, the correct way to eat is with a spoon!

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